Programms you can found here are created in Java, it is suggested to install the JRE 1.5 or later on your computer for the correct function of the programm

Programms you can find here needn't be installed, just copy them to the selected directory, typically C:\Program Files\[directory]\,
select the *.jar file and execute it

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can be used the trial version?

  • 30 days since the date of the first install

  • Will be the progam running also without JRE installation?

  • Yes, if you are using the Win XP SP2 or Vista, but JRE installation is strongly recommended

  • How to get the registration?

  • Contact us on the e-mail address, that you find in the contact list, send us your full name for the possible identification, when you pay the fee, you get the registration code

  • How to register the program?

  • Insert the obtained registration code into the field in the registration dialog and commit it, with the next start will be the program running as registered